Best Kept Secret!

If this is your first visit to a wine/beer making facility let me introduce you to one of the best kept secrets! Wine and beer making has been done for thousands of years, predating Egyptian times. With huge leaps in science in the last 50 years microbiologists have learned a great deal in commercial wine and beer making and still are learning about the chemistry of fermentation and aging. The science has allowed suppliers to package a premium grape juices with little loss of quality and offer it into a professional package to retailers like Brew Time. These suppliers are the same suppliers that retail a large percentage of the wine in the LCBO and wine shops.

Guaranteed Results!

We offer the facilities to blend, ferment, age, filter, and package your favourite beverages. This is all done with no prior experience, knowledge and with guaranteed results. The best part is, it's going to save you 50% or more over retail.

50% + Savings!

How is this possible? First of all 95% of the taxes you pay at the LCBO, wine shop or The Beer Store you don't pay at Brew Time. Government regulations allow you to produce your own wine or beer for personal consumption, virtually tax free at Brew Time. Secondly because you are packaging your product with your own bottles (which you will be refilling over and over) and taking directly home for your enjoyment, you are eliminating such expenses such as bottling lines, new bottles every purchase, and shipping/warehouse costs.

It's not all about the savings!

So there you have it, for a small amount of your time, the pride in producing your own hand crafted beer/wine, you can save your hard earned money! But most of Brew Time's customers don't produce their own to save money (it's likely the reason why they started) they do it because they really enjoy the product over the commercial equivalent. You can't buy a beer that is any fresher! No pasteurization or preservatives! The wine also contains less sulfites than commercial versions. Check out our testimonials to see what they have to say!


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