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Quality hand crafted beer and wine made the way you like it! Brew Your Own Premium Wine OR Beer! At Your Home Or On our Premises… Over 300 varieties of Top Quality Wine Juices....


Have been dealing with Brewtime for years now and never felt the need to look up any other options ever. Both Frank and Victor and their staff know their job and are professional in fulfiling my requirements. They are able to tell me when I am beig over jealous and need to be cautious and 'do not go for the sale' instead. I like the fact they think on the long term about what they do. Besides top quality supplies that keep my cellar full with the best wines can money can buy and a home can brew, I always get updates from Victor on new stuff happening which is just what I want. my wife and I like to host friends and nothing better than doing with with some great home brewed and cost effective wine.  
- Jeff Murray
Great place to shop for wine and beer. These guys are a brand in themselves. I like the fact that I can simply look up the brewtime.ca web site for their enormous selection of red and white wines, beers, coolers and ale, choose what I want and place my order on the phone, take a 5 minute halt at their store to commence the brewing process. All I need to do then is to go back when they call me in to collect my final product all bottled, packed and ready. Its so easy and convenient rather than visit the store and spend hours contemplating what to go for. Leave it to the 'Pros' and there are no 'Cons' is how I see it. And these guys are 'Pros' 
- Martha Jenkins

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A group of people that we pool together to have a pre-selected wine aged in a barrel. The wine is aged in a larger oak barrel of 110 litres with a medium toasting. The aging of wine....